MUSIC VIDEOS 37: Phoenix - Funky Squaredance

For this nine-minute promo for Phoenix, Roman Coppola has produced a captivating stream of consciousness, based on his life and family. It is original, creative and extremely watchable. Is this because of who the director is ie Francis Ford's son, or because the individual elements are strange, amusing and entirely unpredictable? We especially like the footage of Copploa's girlfriend dancing and his mother's potato-peeling project as well as one of the band member's mothers singing with her choral society. Genius.

Record company: Source

Commissioner: Jan Ghazi

Production company: The Directors Bureau

1641 N. Ivar Avenue

Hollywood 90028



T: +1 323 465 5299

F: +1 323 465 5547

Director: Roman Coppola

Producer: Sara Seiferheld

Post-production company: AV Club

Los Angeles


T: +1 323 465 5299

Editors: Johannes Gamble, Bucky Fukumoto (Motion Graphics)