MUSIC VIDEOS 37: Sigur Ros - Untitled

Disturbing, yet arresting images haunt the screen in this six-minute film created for soundscape rockers, Sigur Ros. The director dreamed up "images of burning cows, violated buildings, crumbling body parts, the birth of cloning and the death of humanity," as imagery to weave together a tale of loss of innocence through the eyes of a group of schoolchildren. Sigsimondi's post-apocalyptic playground covered in black snow beneath a blood red sky, where children are forced to play with gas masks, hits hard after the cosy classroom scenes.

Record company: Fat Cat Records

Commissioner: Sigur Ros

Production company: Revolver Films

53 Ontario Street

4th Floor

Toronto M5A 2V1



T: +1 416 869 0420

F: +1 416 869 0568

Director: Floria Sigismondi

Producers: Antoinette Parkinson

Janine McInnes

Director of Photography: Chris Soos

Art Director: Sue Tebbutt

Post-production company: Panic & Bob Editing

567 Queen St. West

2nd Floor


Ontario M5V 2B5


T: +1 416 504 2020

F: +1 416 504 0266


Editor: Michelle Czukar

Flame Artist: Susan Armstrong; Click 3X