MUSIC VIDEOS 38: Moby - In This World

Moby wrote the original brief for this promo, which was expanded and then beautifully-animated by StyleWar. Live action footage was shot over three days in New York on 16mm for a 'realistic' feel. This hand-held approach proved tricky when it came to the animation, with the position of each alien having to be tracked according to the minute movements of each shot. But the work paid off, giving this a real and very different feel to other live action/CGI combined pieces.

United Kingdom

Record company: Mute Records

Commissioner: John Moule

Production company: JFA

10 Golden Square

London W1R 3AF


T: +44 20 7494 2067

F: +44 20 7734 9147


Director: StyleWar

Producer: Caroline Hicks

Director of Photography: Bryan Newman

Art Director: Julie Jo Ferhle

Post-production company: Stylewar SWISS

Linnegatan 51

SE-114 58 Stockholm


T: +46 8662 2460

F: +46 8662 2461

Editor: Filip Engstrom

Flame Artist: Jenspeter Sjeberg