MUSIC VIDEOS 38: Morcheeba - Undress Me Now

Greenhalgh could have gone on the gratuitous route to express the song title 'Undress Me Now', but instead has opted for a subtle yet sensuous approach.

Twirling wisps of smoke act like a fabric to veil the embracing lovers, who appear to be more naked than they really are.

The layered effect has been seamlessly edited creating a series of smooth and beautiful images which perfectly reflect the soft mood of the music.

Record company: East West

Commissioner: Nisha Parti

Production company: Godman

75 Wardour St

London W1F OTG


T: +44 20 7287 6755

F: +44 20 7287 6756


Director: Howard Greenhalgh

Producer: Genevieve Simmers

Director of Photography: Simon Coull

Art Director: Mike Kane

Post-production company: Clear

Fenton House

55-57 Great Marlborough St

London W1V 1DD


T: +44 20 7734 5557

F: +44 20 7734 4533


Editor: Nicolas Waymann Harris

Flame Artist: Simon