MUSIC VIDEOS 39: Fantastic - Chicken Bendy Toy

Shades of sci-fi cinema are evident in this mildly sinister but entertaining promo. The director, Bronagh Keegan, admits her obsession with the 60s celluloid classic Village of The Damned influenced her direction. Shot in black and white, the promo features children plucked from a local dance school, expressively jerking to the rhythm of the beat. "I was playing the track in my room and the only thing I could do was this freaky move, which I taught to the kids," explains Keegan.

United Kingdom

Record company: Starshaped Records

Production company: 4 Minutes Ltd

350 Sauchiehall Street


G2 3JD Glasgow


T: +44 141 332 0005

Director: Bronagh Keegan

Producers: Gus Niven, Bronagh Keegan

Post-production company: Waterside

1 Waterclose


T: +44 131 555 4567

Editor: Simon Hamilton

Flash Artist: Benji Brothers

Combustion Artist: Martin Dick