MUSIC VIDEOS 40: Crunch - Bit Hop

Recently signed duo 'Albert' are ex-BBC trailer/idents directors Andy Poyiadgi and Barry Kimber. 'Bit Hop' is their first promo; an inventive visual interpretation of Crunch's spooky sounds. The effects were achieved by filming the actors at normal film speed (25 fps) making exaggerated shapes with their mouths. They were then filmed doing the same thing at 8 fps to give the sped-up effect. Finally, the fast moving mouths were cut out and posted onto the normal-speed actors.

Record company: Colony Productions Ltd

Production company: Godman

75 Wardour St

London W1F OTG


T: +44 20 7287 6755

F: +44 20 7287 6756


Director: Albert

Post production company: Framestore CFC

19-23 Wells St


T: +44 207 208 2600

F: +44 207 208 2626

Editors: Steve Ackroyd; @DGP, Tim Osbourne