MUSIC VIDEOS 40: D.O.G - Bitten

Pop promos that focus on artists strutting their stuff can often prove tiresome to watch from beginning to end, but there's no chance of a quick 40 winks here.

The entire action may revolve around the band strumming, but the direction is so inventive, that it can't but fail to make gripping viewing.

We witness intimate close up shots of band members, quirky hand-held camera angles, and even a sequence where the room and everyone in it is turned upside down.

Record company: EMI

Commissioner: Katie Frances

Production company: Blink Productions

181 Wardour St

London W1V 3FB


T: +44 20 7494 0747

F: +44 20 7494 3771


Director: Lynnfox

Producer: Ted Thorton

Director of Photography: Fredrik Callangard

Art Director: Skyhook

Post-production company: The Moving Picture Company

127-133 Wardour Street

London W1V 4NL


T: +44 20 7434 3100

F: +44 20 7437 3951


Editor: Art Jones; Swordfish