MUSIC VIDEOS 40: Royksopp - Poor Leno

The sad tale of a sorry bear, Arthur has created an evocative tale using a skilled and smooth combination of live action and animation. The loveable Leno, who was inspired by the work of children's illustrator and writer Maurice Sendak, is stuck behind the bars of a zoo and dreams of his natural habitat. Hence we see beautiful scenes of the bear racing down slopes - painstakingly created using footage of live action sports and combined with animation.

Record company: Wall of Sound

Commissioner: John Moule

Production company: r.h.b

6-8 Kingly Court

London W1R 5LE, UK

T: +44 20 7734 7080

F: +44 20 7434 4102


Director: Sam Arthur

Producer: Sandra Lawrence

Post-production company: Condor Post Production

Willemsparkweg 80

1071 HL Amsterdam


T: +31 20 671 2600

F: +31 20 675 0924


Editor: Art Jones, Swordfish

Flame Artist: Mike Skrgatic