MUSIC VIDEOS 41: Etienne Chansay - Au Matin

Chansay adopts a playful style to reflect the artist's down-to-earth character. Using a combination of After Effects 5.5's 3D programme combined with Illustrator - giving a 'vectorial 2D style' - Chansay could build images which avoided pixellation. Finding the track difficult to interpret, Chansay avoided the use of storyboards and instead improvised scenes in rhythm to the track, a process which took six weeks.

Record company: Tricatel

Production company: Le Village

5 Rue d'Hauteville

75010 Paris


T: +33 1 42 46 02 02

F: +33 1 42 46 78 42


Director: Jean-Luc Chansay

Producer: Charles Petit

Post production: Jean-Luc Chansay