Mustoe produces Lea & Perrins work

Mustoe Merriman Levy has created a £3 million national

television campaign for Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce. The TV

spots, which break this week, show how the product can be used in

everyday meals and attempt to attract a younger audience.

The first features a group of lads playing Scalectrix while their host

rustles up a quick snack. He knocks a bottle of Lea & Perrins off the

shelf and it splatters all over the cheese on toast he has prepared. To

his surprise, his friends love the taste.

The second spot shows a young woman and her friends preparing for a

dinner party. While she flirts with a male guest the woman accidentally

splashes Lea & Perrins instead of wine into the Bolognese sauce she is


However, her friends are delighted with the resulting sauce's taste.

The strapline for the campaign is: "Lea & Perrins - how did you discover

it?" It aims to encourage people to try the sauce in commonplace


Jo Ford, the account director at Mustoe, said: "These ads are quite

different from anything the brand has done before - they're both young

and entertaining.

The fantastic performances of both low-key characters should really

appeal to our audience while reminding them not only when they should

use Lea & Perrins, but what a dramatic difference you can make to the

taste of a dish without any effort at all."

The ads were art directed by Lee Hanson and the copywriter was Mark


The director was Lucy Blacksted of Brave Films. Media was planned by MBS

and brought through Carat International.