Mustoes posters put reading at centre of Penguin's campaign

Penguin Publishing is poised to launch its latest London-based poster campaign by Mustoes, with work due to break on 23 June.

The campaign will coincide with summer store reading promotions and the BBC Top 100 Big Read, which includes 45 Penguin titles. The campaign will target heavy book buyers and reluctant readers by pushing the benefits of reading Penguin and being well-read.

This will be the fourth year that Penguin has run such a consumer campaign attempting to build Penguin's reputation as a well-loved book brand.

The three executions "devolution", "er" and "nice", use the strapline "read more", which will feature on the back of all Penguin books, carrier bags and delivery boxes. The work will run as 96- and 12-sheet posters with integrated press support.

"Devolution" shows images of man evolving and then returning to the ape ancestor. "Er" simply reads "Er..." and the tagline, while the final ad asks the question "Is everything in your life nice?"

The posters were written and art directed by Greg Milbourne and Jason Fretwell. Media was planned and bought through Total Media.

The copywriter Fretwell said: "We wanted to create a simple, memorable brand message based on the truth that the more you read, the more you know."