Nabs poll finds staff satisfied

The stereotypical image of overworked agency staff flitting from job to job has been shattered by a Nabs survey of Britain's ad industry.

Employees are staying in their jobs for longer, and although they still have long working weeks - 76 per cent of them work more than 40 hours a week, while 27 per cent clock up more than 50 hours - it is because they want to.

But stress levels remain high, with almost a quarter of respondents admitting they drink excessively as a result. Almost 60 per cent take three or more holidays a year.

The Nabs Monitor, the first for three years, was compiled from questionnaires completed by 853 staff - mostly senior or middle managers, with an almost equal number of men and women.

The findings suggest the industry is spreading its net wider to attract a more eclectic selection of newcomers. Seventy per cent had previously worked outside the industry - including the retail sector, engineering and academia - or had changed jobs within it. Also, staff looking for new jobs are less likely to rely on headhunters. Forty-three per cent said they found jobs through networking.

The survey suggests high levels of job satisfaction. Most respondents have spent longer in their current job than in any previous one, and almost 70 per cent expect to be in the same job next year.