Nabs reveals artist talent programme

Nabs is launching a fundraising initiative to uncover and promote the talent of amateur artists within Britain's communications industry.

The programme will include an exhibition of the best work, a series of art courses at Central St Martins and art masterclasses run in conjunction with galleries.

The industry charity will make money by taking a proportion of the cost of the tickets for the exhibition and masterclasses.

It will also receive £15 from each course fee and is asking for a percentage of the sale of any work.

Bil Bungay, the TBWA\ London deputy creative director, has produced a campaign publicising the event under the theme: "Nabs Art: Brings out the artist in you." Yahoo! UK is sponsoring the initiative.

Judy Stephenson, a Nabs executive, said: "Nabs Art will give staff not working in creative departments the opportunity to develop creative ideas for themselves. This can only benefit the industry's management of its creative product and, thus, client relationships."