Naked's Thornton launches first 'death mag'

LONDON - Eulogy, the world's first consumer magazine dealing with death, will launch next month.

Eulogy…dealing with bereavement
Eulogy…dealing with bereavement

Co-founded by Jim Thornton, the creative director at Naked Communications, and published by Golconda Media, the monthly magazine will target those affected by death, grief and bereavement.

Thornton, who has co-founded Eulogy with its editor, Alfred Tong, will retain his role at Naked. He said the sudden loss of both his in-laws in separate car accidents in the space of 14 months had drawn his attention to the subject matter. "My wife and I were left to deal with a lot of stuff with nowhere really to go for information, while in an infinitely complicated emotional state," he said.

He added: "There's a huge opportunity for a grief brand. I think the magazine will be a promotional tool for the website where the heart of the brand will lie. This is an opportunity not just in business terms but to provide something of lasting value."

The first issue, out on 17 June, deals with terminal illness and assisted dying, with celebrities including Emma Freud and Mark Strong sharing their experiences.

Eulogy is distributed by Marketforce, with an initial print run of 70,000, and will be available in retailers including Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury's.

Ad sales are being handled by the sales house Landmark Publishing, targeting sectors including property, legal, financial and death services.