The National Magazine Company - apology, & Hachette letter

LONDON - In our Thursday 1 August edition, we ran an article entitled "Glossy titles set to suffer severe drop in monthly sales" which was incorrect and misleading.

In the article, we stated that sales for a number of magazine titles owned by the National Magazine Company, in particular Harper's Bazaar, were forecast to be down.

Campaign accepts that the published figures were wrong, and that any suggestions that Harper's Bazaar sales were in decline were untrue.

Campaign admits that the article included factual inaccuracies, and regrets that we did not make any attempts to verify the figures with the National Magazine Company.

The National Magazine Company is, in fact, in a healthy position and has achieved excellent circulation figures in its core titles, making it one of the UK's top magazine publishers.

We apologise to the National Magazine Company for the damage and distress caused by these untrue allegations.


Letter from Hachette

Dear Campaign

I read Anne Cassidy's piece ‘Glossy titles set to suffer severe drop in monthly sales' with a mixture of amusement and horror. Your attempt to predict an ABC number for Red, apart from confusing us with Marie Claire, bears scant relation to the number we have just submitted to the Audit Bureau of Circulations. Apart from an inability to get the numbers the right way round you appear to set great store by speculation rather than letting the audited number speak for itself in a fortnight. Given the amount of advertisers money that is invested in women's magazines every week and month this is potentially damaging. Furthermore, there are two notable absentees from the list. One is Eve, published by Haymarket. On the basis that you presumably have more reliable figures for Eve, perhaps you could give us its number, to go with the others you have already published. The second is Psychologies published by Hachette which fits neatly into your ‘bucking the trend' list.

I think the market has a right to expect a rather more rigorous approach to a story of this type given the potential commercial consequences.

Yours sincerely

Judith Secombe
Group Publisher
Hachette Filipacchi UK (Ltd)