You need to change. And you know it: digital dilemmas

We're going to have to tweak strategy to stay in the game explains Marketo's Elizabeth Smyth

Bright ideas: forward-thinking marketers are putting their resources into technology
Bright ideas: forward-thinking marketers are putting their resources into technology

How can marketers keep up with digital?

Marketing has changed dramatically over the past five years and it’s likely to develop even more in the next five.

We commissioned the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) to carry out an international survey of senior marketers. It found that more than 80% of marketers believe their organisations will need to undergo dramatic changes to keep up with increased technical and consumer demands.

To succeed marketers may need to make major shifts in thinking and investment. We must invest in new skills to manage digital engagement, data and technology and we will need to organise our teams differently.

Whole new functions, such as marketing operations or the role of the chief marketing technology officer, have emerged, aimed at making organisations more effective.

But traditional creative skills are as important as ever and fundamental to success, while technology has become the tool that is enabling creativity to thrive and allowing one-to-one relationships with customers.

Dominance of digital channels

The technology investment plans that marketers highlighted in the EIU research illustrate both the dominance and fragmentation of digital channels.

Three of the four most widely cited investments use different channels: social networks, on mobile devices and that old standby, email. The fourth, analytics, knits together the data into a coherent and actionable portrait.

These technological investments mirror the skills that senior marketers seek. Nearly four out of 10 (39%) of the marketers surveyed believe businesses will require new blood in the areas of digital engagement, marketing operations and technology.

It’s a marketing-first world as marketers take on greater responsibility for managing the customer journey from end to end. According to the research, senior marketers are investing to take advantage of the dramatic advances that have been made in the ways we connect with customers and prospects.

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