NEROC'VGM 'A meeting on paper' by KesselsKramer

'A Meeting on Paper' is the latest in a series of books produced by Amsterdam ad agency KesselsKramer for its client NEROC'VGM, a production company offering repro, scanning, retouching and pre-press processes. The books aims to explain NEROC'VGM's services to potential clients, and the latest has been created by Laurence Aegerter, along with NEROC'VGM. It uses an out-of-print Dutch encyclopaedia, combining the keywords, appearing at the top of each page, along with images from the relevant page -- although not relating directly to the keyword. The result is often an unusual collision, such as with the word "dogma" and the dog image. But a second viewing often loads the mismatches with meaning, be it humorous, philosophical or poetic.