Nestle launches new 'sexist' men-only Yorkie campaign

LONDON - Nestle Rowntree is taking its controversial advertising campaign, which promotes its Yorkie chocolate bar as a men-only snack, a stage further with a new national TV and billboard campaign.

The advertisements are deliberately and humorously sexist, using stereotypically sexist attitudes to drive home the message that Yorkie is "not for girls".

In the latest round of ads, which break this month, one execution targets women, telling them: "save your money for driving lessons". Another reads "do not feed the birds".

Yorkie has traditionally been promoted as a man's chocolate bar since the famous "trucker" ad in the 1970s, created by Yorkie's current ad agency J Walter Thompson.

Despite being deliberately sexist, however, the campaign that broke last spring was not deemed offensive to women by the Advertising Standards Authority.

The bars were banned from being sold in shops in Liverpool and Birmingham for being sexist, but sales of the bar still rose 30%.

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