THE NET EFFECT: Diary - Jason Scopp: from busking in Brazil to online customer care

There are many who wouldn't envy the job of a customer care


But Yahoo! UK & Ireland's saintly Jason Scopp has clearly got the

requisite credentials for the job.

A man with many strings to his bow, Scopp was a street performer in a

previous incarnation. "I used to be a busker; it was the only way I

could earn any money," he says. The proceeds usually went on travels to

far-flung destinations of the world. "Brazil was the best," he

reminisces fondly, with a distinct gleam in his eye.

Scopp still likes a juggle with his balls and his harmonica-playing

continues throughout the day - even at his desk. "Yes, he keeps us

entertained with all his sounds," Fran Thorpe, the head of customer care

, says enigmatically.

Said to be very patient and laid-back, it appears that Scopp is just the

man to defuse those tricky customer enquiries that can threaten to get

out of hand. "He's got a lovely manner - he almost makes friends with

them," Thorpe adds.

But how the devil does he do it?

"I enjoy troublesome customers," Scopp enthuses. "I like getting a

grumpy miserable person shouting at you and then eating out of your

hand. Let them have their rant - you've got to pander to their


Ah, butter wouldn't melt. But is there a darker side to Scopp? For as

much as everyone espouses his squeaky clean image, isn't this

photographic evidence of him getting comfortable on a bed with a certain

American boss, Sarah Lindgren, the international customer care


Aw. We're told it was a conference where everyone ended up in someone's

bedroom - and these two were talking about hair products. Oh well, nice