Netflix marks Enola Holmes release with statues of women who have been overshadowed

Sculptures of 'overlooked sisters' have been placed alongside existing ones of their famous brothers.

Netflix: promoting Enola Holmes
Netflix: promoting Enola Holmes

Netflix has erected statues of what it is calling "overlooked sisters" to promote the release of Enola Holmes, a film about Sherlock Holmes' lesser-known sister and precocious teenage detective.

The sculptures of the empowered women including Enola Holmes, Frances Dickens (sister of Charles) and Mary Hardy (sister of Thomas) were placed in several locations alongside the pre-existing statues of their brothers, to show the positive contribution they made to the world. 

Sketch Events worked alongside McPartland Studio to deliver the project.

Netflix has also enlisted Escape Hunt to produce a print-and-play game that allows people to join Enola Holmes' new detective agency if they can prove their skills as detectives.

The game is designed to be played with up to six players with gameplay lasting about an hour. Participants are required to solve puzzles and follow clues that will lead them to discover Enola Holmes' secret location.

Enola Holmes is now available on Netflix .