Netflix recruits gang for Money Heist experience

The theatrical event will require strong nerves and vault-cracking skills.

Netflix: participants will interact with actors
Netflix: participants will interact with actors

Netflix is hosting theatrical experiences inspired by its Spanish drama Money Heist, also known as La Casa de Papel, which is the streaming platform's most popular series not in the English language.

The experience marks Money Heist's return to Netflix for a fifth and final season in September. 

Participants will be recruited into the gang by the character Lisboa for a series of heists on international targets. Guests will have their nerves tested as they attempt to follow The Professor’s plan to find out if they have what it takes to infiltrate the vault and earn a coveted place in the gang. 

Attendees can expect visual effects and plot twists that will be experienced differently by each attendee as they interact with actors along the way. 

The 60-minute experience, co-produced by Netflix and Fever, will launch in London in later in the summer. After the robbery, attendees can hang out in a themed bar with appetisers, merchandise and cocktails available.

Regional-specific experiences will also run in Paris, Miami, Mexico City and New York. More cities will be announced in due course. Each experience will be uniquely adapted for each city with venues announced shortly before the opening date, adding to the drama of every participant’s personal storyline.

The action-packed experience has been designed for fans and newcomers to the series.

Greg Lombardo, head of experiences at Netflix, said: “Money Heist came out of Spain but captured the imagination of the world. Now Money Heist: the Experience will bring the show even closer to home.

"From the moment you book a ticket, you will be at the heart of the gang. Slip into your red jumpsuit, put on the iconic Dali mask, and step into the world of the heist for an experience of a lifetime.”