Netherlands: Around the world, creative style

Mark Bernath and Eric Quennoy, executive creative directors, Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam talk to Campaign about creativity in the Netherlands and shows us an image that illustrates the country's creativity at its best.

What makes Amsterdam rock…

One hundred men in leather on a boat with a giant inflatable phallus. Cycling to work every day through a painting. Brown bars with sagging shelves that have served Jenever to Napoleon. The sound of loose cobbles knocking together under the weight of your rear wheel, which is weighed down by your mate who is sitting on the back. Windmills. Dining-room tables brought to the sidewalk when the sun is out. The Canals of Democracy. Varnished wood floating next to rusty metal. Smiles all round. Bitterballen at 2am at P96. The light. Bathing the city in that unmistakable Dutch warmth at dusk on a Sunday. And the red lights too. After dark. And orange. The colour of insanity. The smell of portable barbecues grilling meat in Vondelpark. And that dude who rollerskates through it in his G-string leotard. King’s Night. And King’s Day. And those magical days when the Prinsengracht freezes over and you can ice-skate to work. Hans Klok, his amazing hair and his even more amazing illusions at the Carré Theatre at Christmas. Weed wafting through the air on your morning commute. And the smell of a distant farm wafting through that afternoon. And Alvaro Sotomayor. 

That’s the ’Dam. That’s why we’re here.