NetNames urges companies to register .tel domain

LONDON - NetNames is accepting applications for .tel from its clients, ahead of the new domain's initial launch on December 3.

The domain name management firm is urging businesses to register the domain in advance of the new addresses becoming available to potential speculators and counterfeiters.

The .tel will allow businesses to securely host all contact information under a unique domain name. Companies will be able to update their data quickly in real time, without the need to build and manage a separate website.

Users accessing the domain will be able to connect to contact information instantly from any device, be it a mobile, PDA or PC.

Jonathan Robinson, chief operating officer of NetNames, said: "As with the launch of any new domain, businesses need to ensure they have taken the appropriate steps to register their new .tel domain before they become available on wider distribution. This will protect their brands from any online speculators, maximising their online presence."

NetNames said businesses need to be aware of three important deadlines set by .tel registry, Telnic.

The first - 'sunrise' period will open on December 3 and close on February 2, 2009, during which time only accredited registrars of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will be allowed to submit applications received on behalf of owners and licensees of registered trademarks.

The following 'landrush' period will then make .tel available to any other applicant via an ICANN accredited registrar from February 3 until March 23, with a third period starting on March 24 allowing anyone to directly register the new domain.