Neuroco uses neuroscience to aid design indusry

LONDON – Neuroscience marketing agency Neuroco has launched a new product that will record the emotional reactions of research groups to design and creative stimuli.

The new product, D-Trac, uses electroencephalography technology that interprets electric oscillations recorded from the scalp to measure levels of engagement and recognition of a wide range of visual, design and creative features, including product design, packaging and packaging display.

Skin sensors, eye cameras and blood pressure monitors are also used to track subtle physical responses from subjects involved in trials and testing.

Dr David Lewis, Neuroco research and development director, said neuroscience is "the biggest market research breakthrough in more than a quarter of a century".

This form of "neuromarketing" will help researchers gain greater insight into emotional response, which until now been hard to measure effectively. 

Thom Noble, Neuroco managing director, said: "Marketers are increasingly aware that consumers are driven by their subconscious response and are increasingly frustrated by the lack of methodologies available to help advance their understanding of emotional response to new design/creative features."

Neuroscience has also been use as a tool by mainstream media agencies with PHD Group at the forefront with its Neuroplanning initiative headed by executive planning director Mark Holden.

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