New agency Madras launches with focus on 'continuous brand experiences'

Madras Brand Solutions, a global creative and content agency with a focus on experiential, has launched in London, New York and Chennai.

Ladden and Davaris have joined Madras as chief creative officers of its London and New York offices
Ladden and Davaris have joined Madras as chief creative officers of its London and New York offices

Madras has launched with 1,100 staff across its three global offices in London, New York and Chennai, and also in network offices in LA, Austin, Bangalore and Melbourne.

The agency aims to meet the demand for an 'always-on' marketing era and, as well as offering advertising camapign, consumer insights, strategy and planning, its services will also include experiential and engagement. This area of the business will focus on delivering in-store activations, pop-up shops, event strategy services, promotional and interactive displays. 

Madras aims to develop marketing solutions that are both innovative and cost-effective by replacing the linear agency-client model with a continuous engagement.

Longtime Ogilvy executive creative directors Bill Davaris and Andrew Ladden have joined as chief creative officers who will lead the global strategy and the creative teams in New York and London, as well as an expanding content creation and delivery unit out of Chennai and Bangalore, India.

Madras represents the continued expansion of its parent company, The Ad2pro Group, into the agency space.

New agencies that have recently launched in the brand experience space include Muster, which was launched last month by Tom Rutter and Alec Braun, previously joint managing directors at Engine's Slice. Event popped along to Muster's new offices in London to meet them both for Event TV: Inside Tom Rutter and Alec Braun's new agency.

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