A new dawn in Out-of-Home advertising

Much has changed in the communications industry over recent times, we explore what this means for outdoor in this Campaign promotion in association with Media Co Outdoor.

We’ve had a digital revolution, an explosion of social and much greater leaning towards engagement and accountability, bringing consumers ever closer to the hearts of a brand and vice-versa.

It’s been said that "Innovation Is An Evolutionary Process" and that applies to communications as it does to science, technology, the arts. As we know only too well, it is human instinct to innovate and evolve.

This week, MediaCo Outdoor will launch CityLive, a network of the most advanced high-definition giant LCD digital screens utilising a combination of technology and software unrivalled anywhere in the world – a joint venture with Manchester City Council.

CityLive offers untold creative possibilities for brands to connect to their audiences with relevancy, interactivity and passion.

Each state-of-the-art unit is fitted with multipoint touch functionality, built-in nfc, WiFi, facial detection, HD cameras, high-quality directional audio, a live local news and weather data feed, and they can carry creative solutions in static digital, dynamic digital, interactive campaigns and real-time advertising.

With CityLive, MediaCo Outdoor has pioneered a new type of trading for outdoor advertising – one that offers real-time trading opportunity and the ability for advertisers to buy audience impressions. The gap is closing between Digital Out of Home and other forms of advertising.

Through CityLive, Out of Home has taken an evolutionary step forward.

Come and explore the uniqueness of CityLive. Come and unleash the true potential of Digital Out of Home.