New EMR report: Employers should highlight culture and benefits

EMR spoke to Victor Lebon at ICP about why he uses EMR's Salary and Market Trend report and how it helps him motivate and retain top talent.

New EMR report: Employers should highlight culture and benefits

EMR’s Salary and Market Trend Report is a trusted guide for thousands of marketing, management and HR professionals. Used to benchmark salaries and provide industry insights that can be found nowhere else, the report is a must-have for anyone in the industry.

Victor Lebon, director of marketing technology at ICP, is one such professional. In this exclusive interview, Lebon tells EMR why he uses the report and how it helps him plan for the future.

What do you use the Salary and Market Trend for?

With the disruption and promise that marketing technology delivers, the line between mediocrity and excellence rests on the calibre and motivation of the people who use and support these solutions. Hiring and retaining the right people has never been more important.

ICP uses the Salary and Market Trend report for support in salary benchmarking, managing experience and skill-set expectations, and gauging the state of the market to continuously improve staff retention and motivation.

Which sections in particular do you find valuable and why?

In today’s world where digital transformation is leaving no stone unturned, staying in touch with market trends, especially when it comes to digital skills and experience, is a critical factor for success.

The digital skills and experience section, and the interview with Niall McKinney, CEO, The Knowledge Engineers, was particularly insightful.

How does our Salary and Market Trend report help with hiring decisions?

ICP’s clients expect top quality services, at the best possible price. The Salary and Market trend report allows us to attract the best talent, at the right price, and provide them with the right career opportunity.
How does the report help you plan for the future?

How does the report help you plan for the future?

The report provided a lot of insights which will go into our budgeting, resource cost and billing forecasts, as well as inform our internal training programme and staff personal development plans.

What facts or figures surprised you in the report? Why?

I was surprised (and pleased!) to see the ‘career drivers’ findings as to why people are moving on and looking for new roles. Although (unsurprisingly) a higher salary remains the top reason for moving, the next five are all about being challenged in your role and the work/company culture.

How does the report help you understand what candidates are looking for and thinking?

Throughout the report, there seems to be a theme around candidates’ high expectations of the company that they want to choose to work for. So, highlighting career options and company benefits/culture is key, and at the same time being honest and transparent about the nature of the work so we can ensure there are no ‘surprises’ and we can maintain our high levels of staff retention.

Would you recommend the report to other organisations? Why?

Absolutely. Good intelligence on salaries and market trends will not only help you find the right people who are critical to business success, it will also help motivate and retain top talent to help your business grow and thrive!

If you want to plan for the future or benchmark your salary, download the guide here.

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