New Grand Marnier ads set to pitch the drink at trendy bars

Grand Marnier is shedding its traditional image with new

advertising that will pitch the premium spirit as a trendy bar


Tequila/London has produced the campaign aimed at making the Moet

Hennessy brand an essential part of the burgeoning style bar scene under

the theme: "Live the Grand life."

Running alongside the brand's pan-European campaign, Tequila's poster

work will target 28- to 40-year-old drinkers by linking Grand Marnier

with glamorous lifestyles.

Tequila's client services partner, Nick Zimmern, said: "The challenge

has been to take a well-established traditional brand and bring it to a

much younger upbeat marketplace and make it relevant to a broad target


The posters will be appearing in areas of London where style bars

proliferate, including Notting Hill, Shoreditch, Liverpool Street and