NEW MEDIA: Add To Favourites - Everyone has their favourite websites, whether for work or amusement. Four people list the sites they keep coming back to


On the personal front there are three favourite sites. One is

Motleyfool, which gives me a chance to read what people are saying about

me. You know you're going to get abuse and read rude things about you -

it brings you down to earth. That and, which are the best

football team in the world and have good information on the site. Then

there's, which is the website for one of our technology

magazines. It's a good site and the web is a fantastic way of seeing

good technology.

The work one is I use the FT site, one, as a general update on

news and business, and also I get the e-mail service to send me media

news. When there's time I use it for a bit more. Do I always manage to

read the news? It just depends. No two days are the same. Ideally I'd

rather do that than read the newspaper. I always read the e-mails they

send to me and have done for the couple of years that the service has

been running. It's good as an all-round information source, not just for

the financial news.

Mike Frey is the managing director


One site which I find very interesting shows how far you can take things

such as animation on the web. It's a site for an experimental animator - I really love the work of this Dutch animator called Ellen. It's

her personal site and she works online creating animation. She gets up

in the morning and writes a story in Flash and puts it on her site. So

what you see is her portfolio on archive. It's the first kind of

creative that is specific to the internet - not TV, not radio. It uses

Flash and Shockwave in a really creative way.

We've just done some work with her on client projects. And in my new

guise (working for Discovery), I'd have to say the Discovery website is

superb. It's fun, educational and easy to use. For work, there's a nice

site for creative stimulation which is a new online short film site

called Britshorts. It's a kind of European alternative to Atomfilms. Of

course, we are some way off broadband connections but the technology in

ad agencies, particularly, is pretty good and we're able to view

streaming video. There are some cracking short films on it and it's fun.

I have to be honest, if I am checking news on the run at work, BBC

newsflash for business is quicker than It's the business page of

BBC news and it's really fast and reliable.

The specialist news I'm getting anyway from CampaignLive or Guardian

media and both are very useful. The newsflash site is good on economics

and the budget and the way it links to the main news.

David Abraham is the outgoing chief operating officer


I have a penchant for wine, especially at the weekends, but because I

live in the time-pressured world that goes with running a direct

marketing agency, buying online is an attractive proposition. My

favourite website is As soon as you visit the site you are

confronted with that same quirky imagery that you find in the retail

environment. It loads quickly, often a source of frustration for online


The whole personalisation process is also very clever and lends itself

well to the product. The site also tells me where I am in the purchase

process through a graphic in the top right of the screen. Oddbins seems

to update it regularly, so I'm often confronted with new wines that I

might like to try. The range is good and you can select by region, price

and colour easily. If you want to become a bit of a wine buff there's

also a depth of information on wine regions etc. The site also has a

kind of 'virtual wine cellar', which means that if I see a wine I like

the look of but don't want to buy straight away, I can sit it in my

cellar for next time. I can also look back to see what I bought in the

past and add notes.

Lastly, the whole ordering process is well thought through, fast and

secure, which means that my weekend tipple is just a click away. And if

I do have any queries, I'm not left high and dry because I can e-mail or

call if I need to. At work, access to market intelligence is vital.

Up until quite recently, I've used a combination of sources, but not

long ago I subscribed to a site called It covers a wide range

of market sectors from retail to leisure and the service sector. This

means that if I'm looking to target specific clients or sectors, I can

easily keep abreast of who's doing what.

The below-the-line section also helps me to surf for general information

on what clients and other agencies are up to. A further feature is

'channel alerts' which I can specify when I subscribe, so it

automatically e-mails me with breaking news and features on specific

market sectors. Indeed, as I write this I've been sent a note telling me

that Walt Disney is planning a major overhaul of its global direct

marketing operations. I'd better get on the phone.

Richard Marshall is the business development director


For personal use: Maxim, GQ and FHM are all fun, eBay and Amazon to buy

stuff; for my ethical fix; imdb and Hotdog for movie

stuff; ITV-F1 for my motor racing fix; Stickdeath is funny;'s numerological readings of phone numbers; Lakecities for

weird stuff; Reversespeech for funny paranoia. And I use search engines

a lot.

For work, there are old favourites such as Adcritic,,

Shockwave and Atomfilms for ads and short films; Xtreme Register is good

for ad searches, Creative Base is a good resource site, there are some

funky sites such as Presstube, Crash,, Veryup and Tokion

for visual design, and Visual Thesaurus, which allows you to play around

with words.

Steve Henry is the executive creative director.


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