Rank  Site                      Address              Latest monthly page
                                                 impressions (millions)
1     FHM                                          38.4
2                                      26.0
3     Uproar                                  25.0
4                                      20.5
5     Channel 4                               20.2
6                               *18.3
7                            12.0
8     Disney                                  11.0
9     Computer Games             10.8
10    Cartoon Network                 10.0

These are unaudited figures taken from publishers unless stated. The
data used in this table is supplied by BRAD: Tel:
(020) 7505 8458. For a free listing in the New Media section of BRAD,
call (020) 7505 8263.
*Figures from ABC Electronic.
There have been major changes to the entertainment website rankings
since they were last published in August. The previous leader, Friends
Reunited, is no longer classified as an entertainment site and Big
Brother, second in the last table, is less busy following the end of the
FHM climbs from third to the top spot with a slight increase of 1.4
million page impressions. Uproar is the major climber, adding ten
million page impressions to move from ninth to third.