Rank Site Address Latest monthly page

impressions (millions)

1 *55.6

2 Wall Street Journal 45.7

3 Advanced Financial Network 38.4

4 Ample 21.0

5 The Motley Fool 17.2

6 Hemscott 13.8

7 The Economist 13.3

8 MX MoneyeXtra 7.0

9= Bloomberg 5.2

9= Sharepages 5.2

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(020) 7505 8458.

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*Figures from ABC Electronic.

Since the last finance table on 16 August, little has changed. Nine

websites occupy the same positions with Bloomberg the only new entry,

replacing E*Trade. continues to hold its lead with the same

number of page impressions. Wall Street Journal has closed the gap on, adding more than five million page impressions to its previous

total. Few financial sites have experienced such large growth, but

Advanced Financial Network added close to two million page impressions.