Rank   Site                          Address         Latest monthly page
                                                 impressions (millions)
1                                      *55.6
2      Wall Street Journal                         45.5
3      Advanced Financial Network                      38.1
4      Ample                                     21.0
5      The Motley Fool                          18.0
6      The Economist                         16.7
7                           13.8
8      MX MoneyeXtra                         7.5
9                      5.2
10                        5.1

These are unaudited figures taken from publishers unless stated. The
data used in this table is supplied by BRAD: Tel:
(020) 7505 8458.
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*Figures from ABC Electronic.
Although the positioning of the top five financial websites remains
unchanged since the last table on 11 October, there have been changes in
the middle and at the bottom of the league. The Economist has pushed
Hemscott from sixth to seventh place while Bloomberg has emerged
triumphant from its head-to-head battle with after the
latter lost 100,000 page impressions. The Motley Fool continues to make
good progress gaining 800,000 impressions over the period.