Rank Site Address Latest monthly page

impressions (millions)

1 Wall Street Journal 52.1

2 *43.5

3 Ample Interactive Investor 30.4

4 E*trade 23.0

5 Advanced Financial Network 21.9

6 The Motley Fool 21.0

7 The Economist 12.3

8 MoneyeXtra 10.0

9 5.0

10 4.2

These are unaudited figures taken from publishers unless stated. The

data used in this table is supplied by BRAD: Tel:

(020) 7505 8458. For a free listing in the New Media section of BRAD,

call (020) 7505 8254.

*Figures from ABC Electronic.

Wall Street Journal and still hold their positions at the top of

the table this week, although they're closely followed by Ample

Interactive Investor in third place. Advanced Financial Network has

fewer impressions since the last table was published in October,

although this is a result of removing the automatic refresh on pages

(and so the page impressions have been affected accordingly) rather than

a drop in users or popularity. The Economist has jumped up a position to

seventh place.