Rank Site Address Latest monthly page

impressions (millions)

1 FHM 33.0

2 Girland 13.0

3 Vavo 11.0

4 MegaStar 10.5

5 iVillage 7.7

6 Handbag 7.6

7 Conde Nast 6.3

8 5.4

9 Maxim 5.1

10 Femail *4.4

These are unaudited figures taken from publishers unless stated. The

data used in this table is supplied by BRAD: Tel:

(020) 7505 8458. For a free listing in the New Media section of BRAD,

call (020) 7505 8254.

*Figures from ABC Electronic.

Once again has increased its lead by more than six million

impressions since the last research of this sector. Despite seeing a

fall in visitors, both Girland and Vavo have jumped up a place on the


MegaStar has fallen down the table, along with Conde Nast and

The only sites to hold their positions are FHM, Maxim and Femail, which

despite gaining page impressions have remained in the same ranking since

September. has jumped two positions to sixth.