Rank    Site                    Address              Latest monthly page
                                                 impressions (millions)
1      CricInfo                              151.8
2      ESPN Soccernet                        76.0
3      Sporting Life                     67.0
4      Rivals Digital Media                        63.1
5      4thegame                               47.9
6      Eurosport                             46.0
7      Sky Sports                            42.1
8      Teamtalk                               31.0
9      Liverpool FC                        *13.3
10     Arsenal FC                               9.9

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(020) 7505 8458.
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*Figures from ABC Electronic.
In one way at least, cricket is more successful than football. CricInfo
continues its reign at number one following sustained interest in
England's collapse to the Aussies and other test and local cricket
around the world.
CricInfo offers SMS score updates, scorecards from all levels of cricket
matches and an unparalled database of previous games. Advertisers
include Alpha Telecom, EBay and Bet 365. With increased interest during
the forthcoming World Cup, expect CricInfo to continue its success.