Rank Site Address Latest monthly page

impressions (millions)

1 *455.1

2 Cricinfo 93.3

3 58.5

4 Soccernet 57.2

5 51.0

6 47.7

7 Teamtalk 40.8

8 Sporting Life 40.1

9 35.0

10 Football365 17.8

These are unaudited figures taken from publishers unless stated. The

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*Figures from ABC Electronic.

We are nearing the key Christmas period of the football season and five

out of the ten sites on the sports table this month are exclusively

football sites. remains at the top with 455.1 million page

impressions. In second place is Cricinfo, which has gained more than 52

million clicks to bring it up from ninth position. has moved

up two places into sixth position. has moved up one

position and there is a new entry from, in at number