Rank Site Address Latest monthly page

impressions (millions)

1 Lastminute 37.4

2 Expedia 20.0

3 Thomas Cook Online 10.5

4 Teletext *10.2

5 ebookers 8.0

6 all-hotels 7.9

7 Bargain Holidays 6.6

8 Visit Britain 5.8

9 Cheap Flights 4.5

10 Time Out 4.0

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*Figures from ABC Electronic.

Despite the holiday season coming to an end and the events of 11

September, visitor numbers to travel sites have held steady.With travel

companies dropping their prices, people are not as deterred from

travelling as was expected. Thomas Cook, Teletext and ebookers have all

gone up one position since the last table while maintaining the same

number of visitors to their sites. None of the rival travel sites have

made a dent on Lastminute's substantial lead.