New Year's resolutions

From taking reading advice from Facebook's founder to getting some luck to saving up for an early retirement, seven industry players tell Campaign what goals they have set themselves in the year ahead.

New Year's resolutions

Magnus Djaba

Chief executive, Saatchi & Saatchi Fallon UK Group

The value of the euro is falling. Oil prices are set to hit a new low.

There’s bound to be some talk in 2015 about how bad news for the economy is bad news for our industry.

We all work for businesses that have to make good margin. To misquote Tony Hsieh, Zappos.com’s chief executive: chase the ideas, not the money, and the money will follow. This is true in an industry whose financial value is not in a spreadsheet but in its ideas and people.

With that context, I have two resolutions for 2015.

David Ogilvy said that if you hire people who are bigger than you are, you create a company of giants. This year, we will help everyone here find out how good they can be and, in doing so, create a family of giants.

But the key for 2015 is to help our clients see the glory in the creative leap and the danger in the status quo. I want to make our clients look great via the work we do. That’s the ultimate resolution.

Helen Calcraft

Co-founder, Lucky Generals

Lucky Generals has been galvanised by a New Year’s resolution from Mark Zuckerberg.

The digital guru has advocated that we all read a printed book every two weeks and this, in turn, has led to the perhaps unintended consequence of his first recommendation, The End Of Power (pictured, right), selling out on Amazon.

We have resolved to read this book as soon as it comes back in stock, not least because it is all about the struggle between the once-dominant mega-players and the new micropowers that are challenging them in every field of human endeavour (and we might learn a thing or two).

We do, however, draw the line at Mr Zuckerberg’s other recent New Year’s suggestion that we only eat animals we have actually killed…

Happy New Year to all.

Darren Bailes

Executive creative director, VCCP

This year, we will be luckier. That’s my resolution.

Last year was a success. Not a bad year – don’t get me wrong. Good work. Growth.

But, on occasion, the planets were skewiff. On one pitch, we received bad news from a US TV company about a property we wanted to use… the night before we pitched. Previously, it had only given us good news.

Not the luck we needed.

So we spent the night rewriting the work and, in the fug of an all-nighter, we removed all the good stuff.

Luck does play its part in this business.

And, yes, you make your own luck.

So we are launching a new venture: VCCP Luck. It’s going to be making the stuff 24/7.

This year will be full of it.

Karen Buchanan

Chief executive, Publicis London

The resolution from Mark Zuckerberg to read a new book every other week in 2015 to learn more about different cultures, beliefs and technologies is a good one.

While I won’t be signing up to the billionaire’s new book club, my work resolution for this year is to make sure that we continue to draw on outside influences, learn new things and develop exciting new partnerships in order to produce groundbreaking ideas for our clients.

Moving back into our revamped spiritual home on Baker Street means that we now have an inspiring workplace to do this too.

So I hope this year will be one of many firsts and lead to a lot of invention, experimentation and collaboration.

I also live in hope that I manage to keep my desk tidy for at least a week.

Jason Gonsalves

Joint chief strategy officer, Bartle Bogle Hegarty

2014 was a year of reinvention for Bartle Bogle Hegarty. A chance to reshape and re-engineer what we do. 2015 has to be all about delivery.

To be a valuable partner to the most forward-thinking clients, we know it is right to evolve into a multi-practice, creative business, within which great advertising is just one of the things we do. This model relies on continuing to partner with black belts in every discipline: from Warren Moore and Simon Hall in CRM to Lawrence Dallaglio in sport. And creating a culture that encourages these experts to collaborate. We call this "connected specialism".

All that remains is to do what we’ve always done: focus on working with like-minded clients and deliver kick-ass work that demonstrates the power of creativity and innovation to help businesses win.

Paul Lawson

Chief executive, Leo Burnett London

That nice Monsieur Lévy popped over just before Christmas.

Turns out he wasn’t bearing the Louis Vuitton man bag from my Santa list. Instead, he used mince pies to illustrate Europe’s woes. He squeezed the first one to illustrate Italian GDP shrinkage, he spat out the second to show the French public’s distaste at mass unemployment and he smashed a third to convey the Greek tragedy being played out as polls point to another nutter promising the salad days of yore.

So, tous les yeux on a strong UK to help fuel Publicis Groupe’s 2015 European revenue ambitions. My resolution is organic growth as a starter, new business as a main and acquisitions for pudding. Mr Grimsdale!!

Personal resolution? I’ve committed to start saving enough to retire at 55.

The 17 quid that Campaign is paying me for this piece is my first deposit into my junior savings account.


Richard Pinder

Chief executive, Cripsin Porter & Bogusky London

1 Win at least one substantial UK-based client. We have lots of fabulous internationally based clients at Crispin Porter & Bogusky UK. Would love to add a home-team one.

2 Win gold with a client we haven’t won gold with yet. Turkish Airlines (pictured, right) looks the most likely candidate, but some great new work coming through on a number of new clients.

3 Get a world-class China team up and running to round out our global offer.

4 Persuade Matt Gooden not to come as me to the 2015 Christmas party.