Tobacco ads

Tobacco ads

A resounding 83 per cent of callers voted ‘no’ to last week’s question:

‘Should tobacco advertising be banned’, leaving just 17 per cent saying


The Campaign Phone Poll

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Broadsystem, we pose a topical question relating to an industry issue

and ask readers to phone in their votes.

Questions require either a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ answer, and the response is

published the following week.

Calls are made using the 0990 code, last about 12 seconds and cost

around 2p. Lines close at 4pm Monday.

This week’s question Nike has been criticised for its macho Euro 96

posters featuring football stars who didn’t actually play in the

tournament. Do you believe that the campaign has damaged the brand?

0990 200 561 for Yes

0990 200 562 for No