Paul Twivy start-up

Paul Twivy start-up

To last week’s question, ‘Should Paul Twivy now launch a start-up

agency?’, we recorded a 49 per cent ‘yes’ vote (26 calls) and a 51 per

cent ‘no’ (27 calls), proving only - once again - that Twivy polarises


The Campaign Phone Poll

Each week, in association with the automated telemarketing company,

Broadsystem, we pose a topical question and ask readers to phone in. The

response is published in the following week’s issue.

Calls are made using the 0990 code. Each call costs around 2p. The lines

will close at 4pm on Monday.

This week’s question

Ferrero Rocher has reshot the ‘ambassador’s party’. The ad industry

ridicules it, but it sells truckloads of the chocolates. Are the Ferrero

Rocher ads good advertising?’

0990 200 561 for Yes; 0990 200 562 for No