NEWS: Probe push targets thirtysomethings

Ogilvy and Mather has unveiled its latest work for the Ford Probe, which breaks on TV this week.

Ogilvy and Mather has unveiled its latest work for the Ford Probe, which

breaks on TV this week.

The pounds 7 million campaign will run alongside interest-related

programmes on network ITV and Channel 4. O&M is also planning to book

advertising on the Discovery Channel.

The lead 50-second commercial features a silvery-blue Probe car being

driving across barren ground, until it reaches a clifftop. The driver

sees a rocket taking off and the scene cuts to a navigation tower with

men cowering under flashing lights.

Soldiers are seen running away from the lights and the scene moves to

the car driving through flying sparks. Next, a body appears to be

floating in space, silhouetted by a radar screen, then, finally, the car

is shown parked.

The endframe focuses on the radar screen, which at first carries the

words, ‘Probe 24V’, followed by the Ford logo.

James Page, the group director at O&M, commented: ‘The film describes

the car from the inside out and adds value to it. Most coupe drivers are

thirtysomething, energetic and want to drive a good car. They are

looking for performance and substance. We were trying to show that

driving a Ford Probe is not the same as driving an average coupe. It is

more exciting - and takes you as far as you can go in your mind’s eye,

which is out of this world.’

The soundtrack on the film is the classic song, Fly me to the Moon,

which is now expected to be released as a single to coincide with the


Cinema work will support the TV campaign, with the same 50-second ad

running around appropriate specialist films. The Network, the

media arm of O&M, has booked space in the films, Mission Impossible,

Twister and Independence Day, all of which are due for release

in July.

Press work will follow on from the ad at the end of the year in

magazines and colour supplements.

The ad was art directed by Christian Cotterel, written by Justin

Hooper and directed by Howard Greenhalgh through Brave Films.