NEWSPAPER ABCes: MailOnline passes 40 million browser milestone

LONDON - Associated Newspapers' MailOnline continues to extend its lead in the battle for audience among newspaper websites, with 40.5 million total monthly browsers in April.

MailOnline passes 40 million browsers
MailOnline passes 40 million browsers

On the ABCe's preferred measure, daily average browsers, MailOnline's traffic climbed 5.3% from March to 2.37 million.

Closest competitor, which includes The Observer's website, dropped 0.8% from March to 1.84 million.

There was a notable setback for Trinity Mirror's Mirror Group Digital portfolio, which includes,,,, and

Its figure was down 5.6% from March to 441,768 browsers. On a year-on-year basis it is up just 11.4% compared to's 22.4% increase and MailOnline's staggering 74.5% growth.

Also struggling is, which is actually down year-on-year by 2.4% though its 455,255 figure is up 2.2% from March. rose 1.7% from March to 1.58 million, inching closer to's 1.84 million total.

There was again no figure reported by The Sun and Times Online, News International having decided earlier this year it was not worth publishing ABCe figures in light of its move to erect paywalls around its online content.

Earlier this month, Media Week revealed that The Financial Times has also opted out of publishing monthly ABCe figures after announcing "volume traffic measures have become less relevant to our advertisers and clients".

ABCe figures April 2010
Online title April Month / month Year / year April
  Global Daily Ave Daily % change Daily % change Monthly Total
MailOnline  2,366,495.00 5.3 74.5 40,500,667  1,837,331.00 -0.8 22.4 31,900,127
The Independent  455,255.00 2.2 -2.4 9,871,286
Mirror Group Digital  441,768.00 -5.5 11.4 9,329,485
Telegraph  1,583,305.00 1.7 28.5 30,227,486