NEWSPAPER ABCs: Express and Guardian outperform market as FT falls 4%

The Mail, Express and Guardian fought against the ebbing newspaper market in November, but the Financial Times lost 3.9% of its circulation, according to the latest newspaper ABCs.

National newspapers: November circulation results are posted
National newspapers: November circulation results are posted

The Daily Express performed the best, mustering a 0.7% rise from October to 537,236 copies.

The Financial Times' stumble, from 293,326 copies in October to 281,882, means it has lost more than a tenth of its circulation during 2012 – although this is not far out of line from the overall daily market's 8.6% year-on-year fall.

In the context of the figures a Financial Times spokesperson claimed the FT has in the past year had more subscribers and readers than ever in its 124-year history and that its total paid-for print and digital circulation continues to grow and is now over 600,000 (citing Deloitte's Q3 2012 survey).

Elsewhere, the Independent, the loss-making daily which is looking for a minority investor, dropped to a new low of 79,071 copies, of which 18,410 are giveaways.

In the Sunday market, The Sunday Times dropped below 900,000 copies for the first time, falling 1% month on month to 894,992.

The 50p Sun on Sunday continues its descent towards two million copies, dropping 1.4% to 2,009,282.

And another (mid) market leader, The Mail on Sunday, fell 1% to 1,732,385 copies.

However, the Sunday market's worst performer was the Daily Star Sunday, which lost 5.4% of its circulation to hit 368,268 copies after a 10p cover price rise in October.

The overall Sunday market is up 3.3% year on year to 8,674,323 copies, with help from the launch of the Sun on Sunday in February.

Full figures for November 2012 (Click interactive graphics below for full details)