Newspaper Advertising: Highlights of the ANNAs

In the run-up to the unveilling of the 2006 Awards for National Newspaper Advertising, the judges assess some of the ads in contention for the prizes. This year, creative and media pairings will be recognised for the first time.

The 2006 Awards for National Newspaper Advertising (ANNAs) will be announced shortly. The ANNAs have two aims: to shine a spotlight on the very best of national newspaper advertising, and to inspire agencies and advertisers to perform new feats of creative brilliance.

The awards are judged by creatives for creatives. There are no entry fees or forms. Instead, every month, a leading creative director nominates ads they've seen in national newspapers.

Ads shown here represent just a few of those in the running for the big-money prizes that come with winning an ANNA. The Winner of Winners award for the best national newspaper ad of 2006 is worth £25,000 to the triumphant creative team. Prizes for Best Copywriting and Best Art Direction are both worth £5,000.

This year sees the introduction of a new category, the Creative Media Partnership Award, which acknowledges how clever use of the newspaper medium can enhance creativity and effectiveness. The £10,000 prize will be awarded for a combination of distinctive creative, together with inspirational media planning and buying - work that best leverages the power of national newspapers.

The 2006 winners will be announced on Wednesday 31 January. The ads in contention can be seen on the ANNA's website:


Tim Delaney chairman, Leagas Delaney

"The only campaign with an idea that informed me of something I might be interested in. The only idea that used the medium well. The only campaign with an idea. 'Joining the dots' was the best of the three I saw, but the others also worked."

Creative team: Kevin Stark, Nick Kidney

Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Client: Murphy's


Nik Studzinski executive creative director, Publicis

"It's nice to start the year on a high, and how does 35,000 feet sound? This is another clever and witty visual ad in a campaign that rivals The Economist advertising (is there a higher accolade?), not only in terms of the art directional style, but also in creativity. When I found out the headline actually said 'soon', it had to be ad of the month."

Creative team: Robert Messeter, Michael Crowe

Agency: Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R

Client: Virgin Atlantic


Rooney Carruthers creative director, VCCP

"This obviously ran on Valentine's Day. And it's a luxury brand, Green & Black's chocolate. They've bought their media in little chunks ... and I'm more impressed with this than the ads. They get my vote because they've made a bar of chocolate go a very long way."

Creative team: Colin Jones, Niall Fleming

Agency: Brave

Client: Green & Black's


John O'Keeffe executive creative director, Bartle Bogle Hegarty

"A nice, simple visual pun to celebrate the 130th birthday of Heinz tomato ketchup. It's an oasis of calm amid the editorial and advertising clutter, which, naturally, makes it really stand out. I say 'naturally' as though anyone could see the advantages of such clarity and visibility. Sadly, judging by the mass of this month's output, such considerations come way down most clients' list of priorities."

Creative team: Gavin McGrath, Pat Burns

Agency: Beattie McGuinness Bungay

Client: Heinz


Richard Flintham executive creative director, Fallon

"The very overcrowded bandwagon I am attempting to jump on here is the one I hope is applauding a client who wanted to break category norms to get better results. Who wanted to give his agency the best possible run at it by not getting in their way, and to the team who respected that trust by doing responsible, engaging, simple work. Are they the best press ads I've ever seen? No. Are they the sort of ads that Leagas Delaney used to knock out daily? Yes. Are they lessons to us all right now? Absolutely."

Creative team: Dave Hobbs, Richard Stoney

Agency: Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy

Client: Millets


Andy Cheetham creative director, Cheetham Bell JWT

"I think this is a great newspaper campaign. Funnily enough, the ads don't work as well on posters since there are too many navigation points to take in when passing. It's a strong visual way of telling me how to deal with a lot of the pain-in-the-neck things that surround me. The ads are simple, nicely art-directed and easy to understand."

Creative team: Phil Beaumont, Sam Richards

Agency: Euro RSCG

Client: Department for Communities and Local Government

JUNE 2006 - NIKE

Dave Dye

"Reminds me of one of those great jingoistic Sun front covers, such as 'Achtung!'or 'Turnip Head' - the kinds of images that seep into our culture. The fact that it was spoofed with Rooney holding Ronaldo's decapitated head is testament to this."

Creative team: Chris Groom, Stuart Harkness, Guy Featherstone

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy

Client: Nike


Ed Morris, executive creative director, Lowe London

"Simple. Iconic. Tonally, bang on. Made good use of small space."

Creative team: Michael Russoff, Richard Dorey, Mark McCall

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy

Client: Yakult


Tiger Savage, head of art and deputy creative director, M&C Saatchi

"Really love the ads for Yakult. Well executed and a brand name that says it all. The ads exploit the use of small-space advertising and, in my book, would make equally good posters. This execution in particular stands out, probably as it could have been made for me. God bless great clients."

Creative team: Michael Russoff, Richard Dorey, Mark McCall

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy

Client: Yakult


Jim Thornton executive creative director, Leo Burnett

"This is just a brilliantly simple visual that intrigued me enough to rouse me from my early morning commuting slumbers. It immediately takes the problem of childhood obesity out of the distant arenas of medical journals, newsrooms and the Houses of Parliament and makes it real again by concentrating it back where it belongs - the home - with wit and impact. My only gripe is that, having done such a good job at pulling me in through the shot, the headline subsequently felt pretty feeble and more than a little defensive. However, I came away knowing that more than 50 per cent of Birds Eye kids' foods have had the saturated fat removed, so job done."

Creative team: Steve Wakelam, Dean Wei

Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Client: Birds Eye


Leon Jaume executive creative director, WCRS

"The Virgin Trains campaign is founded on a predictable strategy and is burdened with two endlines, one of which ('Valuable thinking time') it has executed in various ways. But a smile can sweep churlishness aside, and when I read the imagined prototypes for Clark Gable's fond goodbye in Gone With The Wind, this ad just wriggled ahead of the chasing pack."

Creative team: Zac Ellis, Rich Littler, Kim Hutcheson, Joe Fitzgerald

Agency: Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R

Client: Virgin


Gerrry Moira, UK director of creativity, Euro RSCG

"I'm not quite sure of this ad's real agenda, but there is no more compelling and immediate visual on offer this month."

Creative team: Adam Chiappe, Matt Saunby

Agency: TBWA\London

Client: British Heart Foundation.