Newspaper Advertising: Introduction

The idea for this, our second Campaign supplement on newspapers and creativity, was based on two areas of focus for the Newspaper Marketing Agency: the impact of strong creative on the effectiveness of newspaper brand advertising, and the implications for the advertiser of the consumers' unique relationship with their paper.

Creativity in national newspaper advertising doesn't get talked about much. So we asked major brand advertisers such as Guinness and Walkers and their agencies to share their insights and showcase how they developed strong, proven newspaper campaigns as part of the NMA's advertising effectiveness tests.

The other thing that doesn't get talked about much is the emotional nature of the readers' relationship with their paper, and what that engaged mindset delivers for the advertiser. Three pieces within this supplement shed light on this issue. The account planner Fiona Bioletti has pulled together insights culled from more than 130 focus groups to bring to life the involvement and connection readers gain from "their" newspaper experience. Richard Wallace, the Daily Mirror's editor, breaks cover to explain how his paper has evolved and why it offers the Mirror's 3.8 million daily readers an experience they can't get anywhere else. The Independent's editor, Simon Kelner, provides his perspective on what makes a successful newspaper, both now and in the future.

This supplement appears just before the announcement of the winners of the second year of the Awards for National Newspaper Advertising (the Annas). We've showcased just some of the ads selected by our monthly judges which are in the running for the £25,000 main prize. More details of the awards and a full list of the shortlisted ads can be found on the Annas website at

We've also invited leading industry figures to provide their perspective on what represents "best practice" in newspaper advertising and where they see the future of the industry going. Our grateful thanks go to Ed Morris, Dylan Williams, David Fletcher and all the other industry thinkers who have contributed.

- Maureen Duffy, chief executive; Anne Foster, planning director, Newspaper Marketing Agency.