Newspaper Brands Online: Creative Solution - Mitchum

The story

Revlon was looking to raise awareness and consideration of its deodorant brand, Mitchum, in the crowded and competitive deodorant marketplace, by talking to women runners, as a stress test for the efficacy of the product.

They chose the Evening Standard as a media partner for an integrated proposition around the newspaper's "Great days out" feature in July and August last year.

The aim, as well as increasing visibility for the brand, was to create a strong association between Mitchum and the confidence it gives users to enjoy their "Great day out". In particular, Revlon wanted to create an online resource centre for female runners, with everything that they would need to prepare for organised running events in London and the South-East.

The campaign was bought through the media agency Starcom MediaVest, and delivered by the Evening Standard's display department's strategic solutions team, headed up by Fiona Leech.

In 2008, the Evening Standard's "Great days out" was in its 18th year and an established favourite with the newspaper's readers. It launched in July with a glossy magazine in the Evening Standard, full of ideas for things to do and places to see, with a follow-up tabloid A-Z listings section in August.

In 2008, both these publications carried "in association with" branding on their covers, with tactical advertising and sponsored editorial features inside. The campaign also coincided with the redesign of the Evening Standard website, adding additional content and features.

Advertorial and marketing content pointed to a Mitchum microsite within the "Great days out" website, which is part of standard.co.uk, and which continued from 1 July until the end of the year. There was extensive online support for the promotions, including more than 250,000 traffic drivers each month.

The campaign was supported by events, with samples of Mitchum handed out at venues such as Thorpe Park and Chessington, which are annual supporters of the "Great days out" series, as well as at high-traffic Evening Standard vendor locations such as Euston, Liverpool St, Paddington and Victoria stations.

The site carried weekly articles on different aspects of health, training and clothing, as well as inspirational real-life stories from runners each week. Central to the microsite was a calendar of events, clicking through to full details and contacts, including how to enter events. There were also monthly recommendations on music to listen to while training and a runners' forum, which had a message board for sharing tips and asking advice. As an added incentive, there was a fully printable and managed coupon service offering readers £1 off Mitchum.

After the summer peak activity, the microsite continued with the idea of feeling confident throughout a great day out, and focused on women's running events - 5,000 metres, 10,000 metres and half-marathons.

To maximise reader engagement, the site was designed to allow comments to be left against any article. There was also a branded Facebook application, which took a live feed of the calendar on the microsite and allowed women to display on their Facebook profile which races they were running. They could also see which races their friends were running, so that they could meet up or discuss.

The microsite attracted 13,397 UK unique visitors: there were 36,169 UK page views and 10,000 redemptions of the money-off coupon.

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