Newspaper Brands Online: Introduction

The digital revolution has transformed the media landscape, and the UK's national newspapers have responded to the challenge with imagination and a huge investment in their online versions.

The newspaper brands offer a compelling proposition - mass reach, consumer loyalty, emotional engagement, a wide range of contexts and the ability to build powerful creative solutions across online, print, mobile and video.

This supplement shows how newspapers are seizing the opportunities offered by the new digital world, and leveraging them to benefit advertisers as well as their millions of readers. You can see more content online at www.nmauk.co.uk/digital.

We talk to the editors of the online papers to reveal the stories behind the stories that got the country talking -The Sun on Jade Goody and The Guardian on the death of Ian Tomlinson during the G20 protests.

We talk to digital insiders at the papers about the latest developments and their plans for the future. We demonstrate how the papers have met the needs of advertisers with commitment, flair and imagination to deliver cross-media campaigns with real impact across a range of consumer products and services.

The national newspapers are committed to giving advertisers and their agencies the fullest possible picture of the scale and characteristics of their online audience. The Newspaper Marketing Agency has met this commitment in two ways.

First, our special analysis of BMRB's Internet Monitor shows that the online newspaper user is a younger, more upmarket consumer, with a serious online shopping habit.

And the Newspapers online analytics (Noa) gives detailed data on how consumers engage with newspaper websites, both at an aggregated and - new this year - at an individual site level.

And to encourage ever more creative use of the medium, our Online Award, part of the Awards for National Newspaper Advertising (the ANNAs), offers £10,000 for the winning creative and media teams. Take in last year's winner, a Christmas special for John Lewis, and other great campaigns.

Our grateful thanks go to everyone who helped us to put this supplement together.

- Maureen Duffy, chief executive and Anne Foster, director of strategy and marketing, Newspaper Marketing Agency.