Newspaper Society in search for top young creative team

LONDON - The Newspaper Society is launching a competition to find the best young creative team in the UK.

Contestants to "the wanted ads" young team of the year will be given just eight hours to come up with a local media campaign for a national brand.

Entrants to the competition, which is in its seventh year, will briefed by the client and winners then go on to compete in Best YET, a two-day creative competition run by organisations from across Europe.

The judging panel will be chaired by Al Young, creative partner of St Luke’s, who gave one of last year’s winning teams a job at the agency.

NS marketing director Robert Ray said: The wanted ads young team of the year is completely free to enter and provides a fantastic opportunity for young creatives to get their work noticed by some big industry names.

Entrants must demonstrate that they understand not only the brand but also local media and its unique, close relationship with audiences.

The competition will be held on March 27th at the London Art House.