Newspapers enjoy more positive July

Newspaper publishers had a comfortable July, with the majority of titles experiencing some growth compared with a lacklustre June.

Buoyed by a month full of breaking news, The Times and The Daily Telegraph both saw circulation increases. The Times was up 2.13 per cent month on month to 698,043, while its rival saw a 0.95 per cent rise to 912,319.

The Independent did not fare so well and was down 2.49 per cent on last month. The Guardian, too, failed to add more readers and saw a 0.85 per cent decline.

The red-top market was stable, with an overall 2.53 per cent average increase.

The Sun was up 3.49 per cent month on month and the Daily Mirror added 10,570 readers, bringing its circulation up to 1,742,378.

In the Sunday market, The Sunday Times was up 1.01 per cent, while The Sunday Telegraph saw a 1.24 per cent increase. The Observer added 4,551 to its circulation.

The Sunday Express was down almost 5 per cent but the Sunday Mirror saw a 4.27 per cent increase month on month, while the News of the World was up 3.9 per cent.