Newspapers 'have emotional impact'

The combination of TV and newspaper advertising can increase brand impact by 72 per cent, according to new research from the Newspaper Marketing Agency.

The research, part of a three-year study into the effectiveness of national newspapers, found brand campaigns combining the two media are five times more effective at creating a high emotional impact than TV used on its own.

The latest research includes the commercial application of neuroscience technology to provide insights into the impact of advertising on the brain. It found newspaper advertising generates a 42 per cent higher emotional impact than TV.

Maureen Duffy, the chief executive of the NMA, claimed the research provided "irrefutable evidence" of the efficacy of national newspapers.

She said: "This buries the myth that newspapers can't create emotional attachments. Newspapers are highly effective, not just for direct response campaigns, but also for brand building."

The research was conducted by Brainwave Science and Millward Brown, using case studies from Walkers Snacks, L'Oreal, Kraft Philadelphia, Shredded Wheat, Toyota and Guinness.